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Rodent Control

Houston is a haven for rats and similar pests that can cause damage and spread disease. Want to remove them in a way that’s both humane and safe for your family and the environment? With Chem-free rodent control, Houston homeowners get the best of both worlds.

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When you contact Chem-free to help with critter control around your property, you never have to worry about us using chemicals that might bring harm to you and your loved ones. That’s because we prefer a more natural approach that focuses on making your home unfriendly to rodents. Our prevention-based exclusion techniques keep pests away longer than chemical alternatives while providing you with peace of mind.

What kinds of Houston wildlife can Chem-free help with?


Houston has a rat problem. There’s no other way to say it. We’ve been ranked as one of the worst cities in the country for the number of rats we have, and it’s getting worse, not better. Rats can get into homes through holes that are no bigger than a quarter. Once they’re in, they can cause all sorts of damage–chewing through books, fabric, paper, wiring and wood.

When you contact Chem-free, we will set up a time for one of our specialists to investigate your property. Our professionals will be on the lookout for damage, where rats are entering the home and what’s bringing them to your property in the first place. Once we determine the nature and extent of the problem, we will deliver a treatment plan to you that's designed to both remove the rats which are already there and keep more from showing up later.


Think your house is sealed up so tight that mice couldn’t possibly get in? Think again. Whereas rats need a hole as big as a quarter to enter your structure, mice require only the smallest of cracks. Once these rodents are in, they put you and your family at risk of additional pests, such as fleas and ticks, as well as sickness due to urine, droppings and food contamination. Don’t let their small stature fool you either. Mice may not eat a lot, but they have been known to contaminate up to ten times the amount of food that they consume.

Chem-free technicians make homes safe again by removing existing mice with traps, finding and sealing up cracks and other entry points and disinfecting any problem areas.


Most people don’t think about squirrels as being pests. If they get into your home, these furry animals can cause significant damage. How? By chewing through anything blocking them from shelter or food. Parts of your home that are at risk include your siding, electrical components inside your air conditioner and even wooden fascia and exterior.

Not sure if you have squirrels or not? Our technicians have been trained on all the possible warning signs to look for and know how to discover hiding spots using tested techniques. If we do uncover a squirrel problem, we’ll trap these creatures humanely and use other methods to ensure your house is protected from unwanted critters in the future.

Raccoons and Opossums

Most people know that raccoons and opossums can cause a huge mess by knocking over trashcans. That’s just the beginning of the potential trouble they can bring. If you happen to come upon these animals and they feel threatened, you’re likely to be attacked–and that’s no small thing. Both creatures are big and fierce, possessing the ability to rip through a shingled roof to climb into an attic if they want to.

Bottom line? Raccoons and opossums are not to be messed with or ignored. Chem-free’s strategy is to first trap and remove these pests, then work with you to come up with a plan to prevent wildlife from invading, including measures like putting up fences and sealing off vents.

Chem-free proudly serves Houston, as well as Cypress, Katy, Sugarland, Spring, Tomball, The Woodlands  and  Kingwood.

Reclaim your property from rodents and wildlife!

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Our Environmental Philosophy

The Chem-free team is proud to make environmental stewardship of the greater Houston area a top priority. Our sustainability-minded team bases treatment plans on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), providing both effective and low-impact pest control services for both home and business owners.​